MY Integrity Handicrafts


         <MY Integrity Handicrafts> is the exclusive handmade & machine made handicrafts division of MY Integrity Commercial Trading Co.,Ltd.

  <MY Handicrafts> has been exporting 100% handmade, high quality handicrafts with over 12 years of expertise.

  <MY Handicrafts> manufactures hats, scarves, mittens, cardigans, and other handmade accessories & apparel, according to contemporary trends using skillful techniques.  Our compnay produces handicrafts using a variety of stitches and techniques including crochet, hand-knitting, embroidery, hand-operated knitting machies, weaving, and hand-operated looms.

  Building upon our years of experience and know-how in this exclusive fashion industry, we've built up our workforce to 8,000 crafts-people.  We manufacture for several high quality handmade brands and export about 2 million handmade pieces per year to South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  We are expanding our trade areas globally.

  <MY Handicrafts> takes pride in our rural outreach program (ROP). ROP provides jobs, training and fair wages to the rural & agricultural areas of China where there is a shortage of education and vocational training.  Through mutual cooperation, ROP is a synergetic relationship that helps to develop their communities and grow our business.  We plan to invest more time in ROP to give hope to these areas and foster new generations of master handicrafts-people that will continue to work with us .

  We welcome and encourage companies in the handmade fashion & accessories industry, interested in looking for an OEM & ODM company, to contact us.  We look forward to establishing new, long-term business relationships and pledge to do our best to conduct all transactions with trust & integrity.